Celine Fall/Winter 2015 Collection!

Dear lovely clients and readers,

I quite like this Fall/Winter 2015 collection from Celine, sure is rather different from the usual Phoebe Philo's minimalistic well tailored aesthetic. This collection is seemingly a tad more softer and more volume in the silhouette, and the color palette is more brighter  mixed in with bolder prints! Not what one would expect for a Fall/Winter collection actually, but that's the brilliance of Pheobe Philo's, doing the less expected yet with beautiful results. It seems she is having fun with her design team on the bags too!





Le Goodie Closet Spring Sales Time~!

Dear lovely clients and readers,

Ah finally Spring has arrived, well, sort of in Canada anyways, let's hope it gets much warmer soon. To celebrate the arrival of Spring, of course best to celebrate it with a big sales! The Spring sales starts today until April 30th. Make sure to take this opportunity to snatch up the bags that has been on your wish list ;)



Payment Methods Update!

Dear clients and readers,

I have received lots of questions on whether I still accept Paypal as a form of payment, the answer is sadly, no. I was with Paypal for 7 years as a business user and not once but twice they favoured two dishonest buyers, even after I have provided proofs and tracking number on my end. Cost my two clients' precious bags and huge losses on money, lets just say the two experience leave a very bad taste in my mouth.

Fast forward to now, for payment methods, I accept bank wire with receipt (all transactions are traceable with official banks), certified checks, Western Union and my latest favourite secure payment System that actually supports Canadian residents and offers protection to both buyers and sellers; Square Payment :)

For those of you who are curious about Square Payment, you can read about it here:

Thank you for your support, my lovelies!

I will have a big Spring Sales  announcement next week, get ready for that :D