Sales! Saint Laurent Cassandre Clutch

After this Thursday, it seems the imminent arrival of Fall will be inevitable, but I am very excited for Fall! Now, just because Fall is around the corner, that does not means you have to join the gloomy weather and switch to all shades of dark mono tone colours.
I would definitely adds a bit of cheer to the gloomy, drizzling weather with a pop of color...with my bag.


Sales! Fendi 3jours Tote Bag

You guys do know how extremely rare it is to get a mint condition and new style Fendi on here, pretty much like mission impossible! However, I am really lucky to get my hands on this mint condition Fendi 3 Jour courtesy of my colleague. She used this Fendi 3Jour strictly for several photo shoots only, never been formally carried out at all. 


3.1 Philip Lim gets cheeky!

Dear lovely clients and readers,

There's always love for a designer who have a sense of humor when it comes to designing their bags. I am having a giggle here as I am writing this post, I mean just look at these humorous cheeky clutch, messenger bag and wallet. Each bag's interior is smartly organized and offers enough room to store your money and personal belongings. Which one is my favourite you might ask? The 'OMG' clutch, hehe, 
what's yours favourite? ;)
They are all very affordable too, and available to purchase on Lane Crawford and Shopbop: 3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Second OMG pouch, $275; Sexy mini zip-around wallet, $225; and Cash Only crossbody bag, $595

I have more goodies to post up for sales, include a Pink Fluo Nano that one of my client asked me to sell and other goodies, definitely stay tune!
But don't forget the PRE-FALL SALES that is going on right now, be sure take advantage of it!



Sales! Proenza Schouler Medium PS1 Bag

Is going to be back to school for some of you and for that, it means time to get a new school bag. This stunning Proenza Schouler PS1 is a foolproof everyday bag, it works perfectly well as a work and as a school bag. Even after all these seasons that Proenza Schouler has pumping out new styles of bags, from the ps11, ps12, ps1 tote, PS Courier and the ps1 & ps11 clutch, this ps1 is still the ultimate classic.



Dear lovely clients and readers,

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Sales! Authentic Chanel Double Flap Maxi

My goodness, I am quite sick of Chanel keep raising the prices, I mean sure they produce amazing product and most are consider classics and collector's items but raises the price over 20% in such a short period of time, come on!


Remember there's always a option!

Dear lovely clients and readers,

As we are half way through the summer, I am looking forward to Fall already :)
Start saving up my lovelies, I have quite a number of stunning bags lining up to be post up for sales soon~

If there are any bags from the current SALES, MARKED DOWN and CLEARANCE section that you would like to get, definitely email me to inquire about 
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Have a lovely weekend y'all~



Sales! Celine Micro Luggage

Perhaps I could be wrong but I do feel the buzz on the Celine Mini and Micro luggage has died down a bit. Though it will not fade away as they are considerably 'classics' for the Celine bags, I say invest one or two in a classic neutral color and you are pretty much set!


Sales! Celine Medium Box Flap Bag

A classic is a classic, you can't beat that. This pre-loved 100% authentic Celine Box Bag is still highly covet even though it has been launched for more than two years now. The Box Bag is actually consider to be one of the best classic coming out of Celine, part from the Mini, Trapeze and Nano of course.