What's in store at Bally?

Dear lovely clients and readers,

My wonderful friend at Bally is keeping me in the loop on what's happening 
and what's new. For those of you who are not familiar with Bally, here's a brief summary  of this Swiss luxury brand. Bally has such a rich heritage, it is 162 years old! 
Bally current creative director, Pablo Coppola has an impressive resume. He was the head of accessories at Tom Ford, not only that, he was previously worked as the accessories designer at Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Christian Dior and Celine.
With that much experience under the belt, I have no doubt Pablo will infuse a fresh sense of modernity and glamour to Bally.  

For the AW14 bag collection, it has most certainly retains Bally's principles; functionality, innovations and sophistication with superior craftsmanship, attention to details and above all, using only the finest leathers. The silhouettes are clean, all the hardware are minimized and I absolutely do love the bright pop of colours!

For the newest bag, the 'Bloom Bag' has incorporated Bally's updated crest motif (a reference to Switzerland's mountain peaks) this new motif is embossed near 
the handles of the bag. 

Bloom MD.E (Python and Suede) 
Size: 30 x 20 x 16cm comes in Light Military and Blush.  
Price: $2795

Bloom LG 
Size: 35 x 23 x 18cm comes in Black and Bally Red 
Price: $1995




Sales! Saint Laurent Medium Emmanuelle Bucket Bag

Happy Friday my lovelies! Another week has passed and to conclude a long week and welcoming the long weekend, I have a preloved condition 100% authentic Saint Laurent Bucket Bag!


COS Fall/Winter 2014 Collection!

Dear lovely clients and readers,

Those of you who love neutral shades, minimalistic designs with a more structured silhouettes, COS is a no brainer choice. Sadly, COS is not available in Canada (just yet, but here's hoping) but they are widely available in UK, Asia and in US. I especially love the coats and the skirt, but my favourite piece out of this collection is the 
strapless dress with suit's collar detailing :)
Hang tight my lovelies, I have one more goodies to post up for sales this week, make sure to keep checking back!




Sales! Saint Laurent Cassandre Clutch

After this Thursday, it seems the imminent arrival of Fall will be inevitable, but I am very excited for Fall! Now, just because Fall is around the corner, that does not means you have to join the gloomy weather and switch to all shades of dark mono tone colours.
I would definitely adds a bit of cheer to the gloomy, drizzling weather with a pop of color...with my bag.