Sales! Authentic Celine Trapeze Luggage

My client is asking me to sell her re-released 100% authentic Celine Trapeze, actually she is trading up for the Celine Tie bag for Fall, I say why not?
After all, this royal blue color has been discontinued now and yet still remains as one of the best color combination by far for the Celine Trapeze!


Sales! Limited Edition Celine Trapeze Tote

Marked Down!
Well, its been quite a bit of wait for this runway edition Celine Trapeze but finally I got it! This is brand new condition, with box and even its original shopping bag and of course, the dust bag and the cards/tags.


Sales! Chanel Lego Clutch

While I am still having my fingers crossed for a red color one for myself, my photographer's friend has secure an authentic preloved Chanel Lego Clutch in navy!
I like this color of course but red is still my personal top choice ;)
p.s: I will post two fabulous goodies within this week, definitely stay tune because it is totally worth the wait!!! ;)


Sales! Celine Nano Luggage


Alrighty my lovelies, I have one more goodie to post up for sales this week. A brand spanking NEW Celine Nano, about bloody time! This darker navy color is a brilliant alternative to the classic black...


Sale! Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Woven Tote

While I do love the Sun but it seems these days, is getting a tad too hot here, to the point that I feels like literally melting the minute I step outside, yikes!
On another note, I have secured a good condition preloved Bottega Veneta Intrecciato tote with the help of my agent.


JULY: THANK YOU shout out!

JULY Thank You shout out to my lovely buyers

July 19th

Hi Tina,

Thank you so much for answering my questions and be patience with me, I know
my wife will love the bag. Thank you.

Leon L

(purchased of 1 Chanel Le Boy, Canadian Buyer)

July 12th

Hello dear,

The bag has arrived yesterday, it looks great, I love the leather!
Thank you Tina.

Anna M

(purhcased of 1 Chloe Marcie Bag, Asia Buyer)


Sales! Celine Micro Luggage

Perhaps I could be wrong but I do feel the buzz on the Celine Mini and Micro luggage has died down a bit. Though it will not fade away as they are considerably 'classics' for the Celine bags, I say invest one or two in a classic neutral color and you are pretty much set!